Equine electric fence posts – bundle of 10


Bundle of 10 Zeaola posts 140cm

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These equine electric fence posts are  manufactured to European specifications and are specially designed for Equine use .

Safe for horses with a 140 cm total height and strong tread in anchor 20 cm long x 8 mm diameter which provides a stable base suitable for use in  paddock dividers and semi permanent fencing systems.  The effective height of 120 cm can hold up to 5 strands of tape at a spacing to suit all sizes of equine. The height is effective in preventing leaning over when break feeding.  The posts have doubled sided tape and wire guides  and these suit all common types of poly wire and tape profiles from 5 mm diameter to 40 mm width.

Use at a spacing of 3 to 6 meters depending on site conditions and livestock.

Coupled with the 20 mm equine tape provides a very visual and secure barrier suitable for all classes of equine.

Available only in bundles of 10


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