Rapeseed Oil

Crispy Pan Salmon

Salmon is packed full of Omega 3, combined with nZeaola Oil, this is a very healthy choice.


Crispy Pan Salmon

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  • Salmon Fillets
  •  Salt
  • nZeaola Culinary Oil




Step 1:Gently roll the salmon fillets with the skin upwards and with a sharp knife cut through the skin in diagonal slashes.  The closer you can do this the better the result!

Step 2: Rub the oil and the salt into skin and the cuts.  If you want you can add herbs to flavour

Step 3: Heat nZeaola™ in a fry pan until it is hot-it must be hot to crisp the skin

Step 4: Place salmon fillets into the pan skin side down and cook until you can see the colour change in the fillet moving up to around 2/3rds of the fillet.  Using a fish slice turn and cook the other side.  If the fillet is thicker at one end tilt the pan so the oil is under this side until it is cooked

Step 5: Serve with a salad or vegetables -enjoy!

Using nZeaola™ oil will give the Salmon a real golden crispy texture, also making a healthy dish even healthier.