Rapeseed Oil

Culinary Oil

nZeaola ™ Culinary Oil

nZeaola ™ cold pressed rapeseed oil is healthy, versatile and truly Kiwi!

Our wonderful golden oil is freshly pressed each week – being a seed we can hold it in storage throughout the year. Cold pressed rapeseed oil is a good source of Omega 3, contains Omega 6 and 9 and Vitamin E. In addition it has one of the lowest saturated fat levels of most vegetable oils on the market today. This all makes nZeaola ™ ideal for a healthier diet choice.

nZeaola ™ has also met the requirements, after independent testing, for the New Zealand Heart Foundation’s “Pick the Tick” Programme.

Robin and Karen Brooks having seen the popularity of rapeseed oil in the UK and Europe launched nZeaola ™ becoming New Zealand’s first producers of cold pressed rapeseed oil. nZeaola ™ cold pressed rapeseed oil is grown in the South Island of New Zealand from mid-Canterbury to Southland. It is pressed and bottled at our Plant in Rolleston, Canterbury