Rapeseed Oil

The Process


The cleaned and sorted seeds are delivered to the factory and trial pressing and testing is undertaken to ensure all the quality parameters are met. Once accepted rapeseed is stored on-site awaiting processing.


Cold Pressing

Cold Pressing is a traditional and natural way to produce oil, using a mechanical screw press to extract the oil from the seed.
The process is carefully controlled to ensure the oil is not subjected to any temperatures above 40°C. This ensures that all the naturally occurring flavours, character and nutrients naturally present within the oil is retained.
Another important factor is that nZeaola™ rapeseed oil is pressed only once, thus is equivalent to an “extra virgin cold pressed” (which is technically olive oil terminology).

The oil is separated from the seed meal by a combination of careful sedimentation and fine filtering, with much of the solid product extracted being used to make our Equine and Animal Feeds and Oils.. Once the final filtration is undertaken, to ensure purity, it is bottled and/or containerised. There are no chemicals used in the extraction process and there is no refining and no additives in our production process. Just pure, healthy nZeaola™ cold pressed rapeseed oil!

The process is continuous and we process all year round. The seed provides a natural store for the oil (just as nature intended), we process weekly and are always producing fresh oil. This is in contrast to most imported oils, which are often produced months or years before arriving on New Zealand shores. It is also a contrast to other oils made from a single annual crop which must be pressed straight after harvest or the crop is lost e.g. olives, walnuts and avocado to name a few.

The oil process is a natural one. There may be slight variations in the appearance and character of the oil from season to season, depending on growing conditions and variety of seed used.

nZeaola™ maintains strict quality parameters through its Growing Programme and its HACCP based Food Safety Programme. We take incredible care during the oil’s production to ensure we meet our goal of producing the best quality rapeseed oil possible.