Rapeseed Oil

Made in New Zealand

Nzeaola is proud to be able to brand itself as New Zealand Grown and New Zealand Made.

The stock seed used for growing rapeseed in New Zealand has been carefully selected from non-genetically modified (GM) European lines and has all been tested for genetically modified material before entry to New Zealand. All our stock is grown exclusively for nZealoa and all our products are produced and packaged in New Zealand.

NZVO has applied and received the approval for the “New Zealand Grown” and “New Zealand Made” logo under “Buy NZ Made”. The logos appear on the labels of our nZeaola™ products.

“But aren’t lots of things grown here?”

While many items are grown and produced here, it is required that produce and products must fit a specific criteria before they can carry the ‘New Zealand Grown/Made’ labels.

The Buy NZ made Campaign began in 1988 with the familiar kiwi in the triangle tag and is iconic for representing products that are home-made and home-grown in New Zealand. It is about encouraging people to buy and sell NZ made products and not just in New Zealand – the campaign is also focused on exporting our great products and brands to the world!
new zealand made


For products such as nZeaola™ to carry the trademark the manufacturer, in this case New Zealand Vegetable Oil Limited, must be a member of “Buy NZ Made” and the products must comply with the Fair Trading Act and Country of Origin of Labelling.