Rapeseed Oil

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New products

We are extremely excited to announce our new Zeaola electric fencing solutions range designed specially with the safety and durability needed in Equine Fencing.  Made to European specifications the posts are 140 cm tall (120 mm effective) with a strong tread in anchor of 20 cm long x 8 mm diameter these posts do not move in high winds and prevent the reaching over and under of many other fence posts on the New Zealand market. They are only sold in bundles of 10 . To compliment the posts we also have 20 mm equine tape which is designed specifically for the posts and provides a safe and secure barrier. Hardware fittings for the tape are also available individually and as a pack to reduce loss of current and shorting out of break fences.

We have trialled and tested these products for 18 months and have been extremely impressed with the professional look these fencing systems offer as well as the durability and safety with no hooks that covers can get caught on. They can be used for all types of horses from miniatures to over 17.2 hands with the ability to change the tape height to suit each individual horse’s requirements.

Fencing items can be purchased via our online shop.

Please refer to the shop listings for details on each of the equine products that we have in stock.

We can also source a  wide range of  other electric fencing products suited to other animal types please contact us for details and availability.