Rapeseed Oil

Culinary Oil References:

AL BROWN – “GET FRESH – WITH AL BROWN” – Published by Random House New Zealand 2012

“The last stall I spent a little time at was selling New Zealand Canola* oil under the brand Zeaola, derived from the locally grown rapeseed plant. I have used canola oil for years as I like its relatively neutral flavour in cooking. It has some great qualities, with the lowest saturated fat of all vegetable oils, half the amount that olive oil has. It also has omega-3 and vitamin E, which does its thing as a powerful antioxidant. What I love about this product is that it has a wonderful bright colour, which is the natural carotene, and of course it is made right here. I grabbed a bottle and have been using it ever since”* Even a great chef like Al doesn’t understand the difference!! It is Rapeseed Oil not Canola! But we love that he loves our product!

HUGH FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL – “THE ORIGINAL RIVER COTTAGE COOKBOOK”-Updated Edition. Published in 2011 by Harper Collins“Oil, I still use olive oil in my cooking, but it is no longer my default culinary oil of choice. That is now rapeseed oil. This glorious golden oil, when cold pressed, is grassy and sweet and perfect for general frying and roasting as well as for dressings. …You could happily use it to replace the specified Olive Oil in most of the recipes in this book…”

NIGELLA LAWSON “KITCHEN-Recipes from the Heart of the Home” Published by Chatto & Windus 2010

“There has been much talk about the use of local rapeseed oil (well, local only if you are British) as a bio-fuel, but it’s not often that being a Brit can make one feel culinarily superior. So now is the time to jump up and down about cold pressed rapeseed oil, which has a gorgeously mustardy and nutty flavour and beautiful golden colour. I use it in place of extra-virgin olive oil more or less exclusively: it’s much less expensive and, I’m beginning to think, even more delicious. I make dressings with it, dribble it on toast in place of butter, douse vegetables with it and take a bottle to people’s houses (so evangelical is my fervour) in place of wine….Any search engine will tell you that rapeseed oil is the equivalent of canola oil, but the cold pressed, golden viscous oil is worlds away from the paler, runnier, tasteless cooking oil that is canola oil. I have tried a cold pressed canola oil from North America, but as yet nothing for me comes close to that made from the yellow seeds of home” Kitchen Confidential

nZeaola ™ Testimonials

“Tried the dressing recipe…just lovely also used in a carrot cake and used cooking fish….very versatile, lovely flavour and colour” . Jenny Christchurch “I have used nZeaola now for a year for all my oil needs and at my yearly diabetic check I found that my cholesterol level had gone down to the low 4’s from 6.1 which it has been for a number of years & I do think that the oil has helped me to lower the range. It is the only thing I have altered as I always eat a very healthy diet” Freda, Avonhead, Christchurch

nZeaola ™: Premium Equine Oil Testimonials

“The nZeaola Oil and Meal are a very important part of our horses diet. We have been using the oil and meal from nZeaola for a number of years now with great success. By including nZeaola Oil or Meal in their diet we are able to reduce the amount of grain we feed our horses -while adding cool energy, omegas and vitamin E-and a fabulous coat!!” 13 September 2013

Sally and Phillip Steiner, Steiner Sporthorses Tauranga

“We brought some of your cold pressed rapeseed oil for the first time at the HOY this year and began feeding it to a 21 year old gelding. His overall condition blossomed within days. When we ran out we bought another brand of oil formulated for horses from a major equine feed manufacturer and the results were not as spectacular as with the nZeaola. It has now become an important part of the diet of all our breeding stock and competition horses

17 May 2010 Chris Taylor-Galaxy Equine Performance Pony Stud


I have just started using Zeaola Premium Equine Oil this winter on my 6 year old Clyde x mare. I thought my mare had a fantastic coat and condition, but like alot of owners I’m always willing to try out new products. Well all I can say is that this product is fantastic. She has the most amazing coat and shine this year and the only thing I have changed feed wise is the addition of this product. It is a great product, easy to feed, affordable and Karen gives a fantastic service as well” Amanda Stevenson, Christchurch 21 July 2010

I’ve had quite a few comments about how good they (the horses) are looking…I’m sure as part of their daily feed regime it’s been beneficial to them…with one dressage horse and two jumpers they are in constant work… so strength and energy are important and they’ve had plenty of energy without being over the top. They’re happy with the taste too which is good, because they can be a bit fussy” Chris Lovelady, Darfield-February 2010 “Everyone wants to know what we have been feeding “Whinnie” show name “Apsley Country Secrets” because she looks so different. She’s doing a lot better. She’s kept her show condition on and her shiny coat means I don’t have to wash her as often. She was Champion “A Ring Pony” at the “Pony Breeders Society of New Zealand Show” at Kirwee and we won the turn out as well….” Caitlin Brooks, 14, West Melton, Canterbury February 2010